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Who are we?

Absolute leaders in the digitalization of agricultural companies. We provide a comprehensive solution for managing an agricultural enterprise and make modern technologies available to everyone. Our main specialization is the integration of software into agricultural enterprises.
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SAS ecosystem
SAS ecosystem

SAS has been specializing in the implementation of digital solutions and services in agricultural enterprises for over 6 years. Our main task is to demonstrate the practical value and cost-effectiveness of digital tools by simplifying logistics and keeping records, accumulating and analyzing information.

For this purpose, we have built an eco-system around our products and are constantly improving and expanding the range of our services. As a result, our clients see the benefits of implementing digital tools in agricultural management.

“I was 12 years old when I learned the Excel program at school. And when I came home for the summer holidays, I had the idea that I should bring all our fields into the system, start running some kind of economy. And I started trying to digitize all this “

Dmitry Grushetskyi, founder of SAS

Customer feedback

Nikolay Monashok
Director of agricultural firm
I go to bed with this program, and wake up with this program. Someone is doing so with Instagram. But for me this software is like a holy book – I monitor what was performed, analyze it and plan further activities. Especially when we work around the clock.
Andriy Shum
Director of Volyn-Agro Agricultural Firm
After the implementation of the system, we got much more free time. It has become easier to control each unit of equipment and fuel consumption. We understand from a distance what is happening in our fields - we see it from drones and NDVI images. And we can also identify a weak field in time and make a decision to replant another crop.
Alexey Vasilchenko
Director of agricultural firm
By connecting GPS monitoring, I have the opportunity to see all the stops, the movement of my vehicles, tractors and cars. It is also very convenient to receive data on the spent hours of equipment - to them you can link the payment of wages.