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Engineering support

SAS Agro Engineering support
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Sensor selection support

We help with the selection of right equipment fit for the individual needs of each client

Installation of equipment of any complexity

Our team of engineers has more than 10 years of experience

Prompt response to sensors’ failure

In case of problems, we will perform an urgent field visit within 72 hours

Technical support

You will be able to receive a consultation and help from our engineers at any point

Services include

  • Hardware selection support
  • Installation of GPS trackers and additional sensors
  • Trackers firmware and SIM-cards installation
  • Configuration and integration of the existing sensors into the system
  • Online consultation and assistance on all issues

Frequently asked questions

When installing a GPS tracker, the route of the vehicle, the place and duration of stops, the ignition time will be available. This will allow you to automatically record the amount of work performed in the system. In addition, in case of violation of the standard operating procedures, you will receive notifications on your mobile phone immediately. Fuel consumption data, grain unloading locations, staff time, operations in foreign fields and more is available when additional sensors are installed.

We recommend all equipment to be installed by the professionals to avoid technical problems and obtain high quality data. But we can provide a GPS tracker that connects to power through the cigarette lighter socket.

Yes, but it depends on the brand of GPS trackers and other hardware. Our experts check the models. In case your equipment can be integrated with SAS powered by CROPIO, you can get engineering support services.

Yes. The fact is that at the moment integration with standard navigation systems does not allow tracking the movement of equipment in real time. Therefore, we recommend installing GPS trackers through which it will be possible to quickly transfer the location and information from all other sensors connected to your machine.

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