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Land Registration

Without bureaucracy

How did the land registration look like before? Each site meant one folder with a bunch of documents. When the economy expanded, the number of folders grows until it became impossible to control. We offer full digitization.

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  • Field area, contacts, exchange schemes

    — all data is digital

  • Quick access to

    rental terms and landlord info

  • SMS notifications

    about expiring rent

How it works

The SAS team turns all land data into a useful and handy database. No more folders and papers. You get something like your own social network.

Interactive map

We create a digital map and attach all the documentation to each site. Now you know when the lease term ends (these sites are highlighted in orange) or when the land plot lacks important documents.

Data at hand

You get all the information on the site in one click. The cadastral and estimated area of the field, contracts with the landlord, his passport and contact details, the term of the agreement.

Effective management

Set up exchange schemes, sort sites by lease term, receive notifications on the expired contracts. All in order to make managing easier and efficient.

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