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Satellite Maps

A look from space

Get thorough and informative maps of your fields directly from space. Asset accounting, work planning, GPS tracking techniques, vegetation monitoring — everything is possible thanks to satellite imagery.

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  • Update

    every 24 hours

  • Resolution

    0,3-0,5 m/pixel

  • Satellites


How it works?

The NDVI index is calculated based on the images in high (10-15 meters per pixel) and medium (250 meters per pixel) resolution. It shows areas with different vegetation cover. Now you know which cultures ( crop types) require special attention. The satellite data is updated every 24 hours when the Earth makes a full rotation around its axis.

Comparative analysis

The future is hidden from us or is it ?With satellite maps, our software analysis everything that has happened with every crop and variety in the past 20 years. This will help to predict the condition of crops in the current and future seasons.

Space technology

Several satellites are responsible for the map's usefulness. Terra EOS AM-1 from NASA helps to get the index of vegetation. MetOp, ERC-1 and ERC-2 satellites give an objective picture of soil moisture in three depths at once. And Landsat 7 monitors the temperature of the soil.

All in one place

Satellite imagery, soil condition, field inspection reports, accurate weather information: all aspects of your farm are now gathered in one place. And available from any device.

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