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The field at a glance

Watch your fields from a bird's-eye view. 5-6 surveys per year will help to avoid unnecessary field visits and to notice any problems at the very beginning.

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  • Resolution

    1 cm / 1 pixel

  • Height:

    2-500 meters

  • 1 survey

    up to 100 hectares

How it works

SAS team conduct a thorough crops inspection with the help of UAV. Scanning the surface shows the problems of the plant growth, helps to understand their causes and localize the problem.

In detail

Drones examine crops at an altitude of 2 to 500 meters. The resolution of the photos reaches 1 pixel/1 cm. It allows to reveal the plant's diseases, to estimate the plant maturation quality and the vegetation index.

Look from the height

A drone covers an area of more than 100 hectares during one survey. We use both aircraft and multi-rotor drones. They differ in flight altitude and range.

Vegetation full cycle

UAVs are useful at every stage of the season. Before sowing, they will help to make zonal and soil maps, determine the terrain and plan the application of fertilizers. Then they take pictures of the shoots and mark the problem areas. At the end of vegetation, they will show the leaf index, density and other parameters of the crop.

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