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Weather Monitoring

Hit the bull's eye

Weather forecasts always lie. The only solution is to make up your own. An autonomous weather station collects operational data every 15 minutes

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  • Real time update

  • 20+ types of sensors

  • Powered by solar panels

How it works

The station operates due to solar panels. During the day, they collect the energy to work at night. Air temperature, precipitation, moisture — all information is available at any time.

Convenient way

Station transfers data to the server and displays full summaries in the form of graphs, diagrams, and tables. The server stores information over the past 20 years — this will help predict the weather conditions accurately.

Optimal planning

Weather is important when choosing the right time for sowing, spraying and applying fertilizers. Bad weather leads to low seed germination energy, and to worse growth as a result. The weather station helps to avoid this.

Additional sensors

Main sensors are available in the basic configuration. We also offer 20 sensors for detailed weather monitoring: from soil moisture and solar radiation to the wind speed and frost fixation.

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