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Soil Chemical Analysis

Soil in detail

At first glance, your land may look beautiful. But some problems are hidden underground. With SAS lab services, you can detect soil problems in time and plan the fertilizer application properly.

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  • Detailed soil analysis

    for 20-25 days

  • GPS tags of each sample

    of each sample

  • Analysis periodicity

    every 3-5 years

How it works

Our experts need 3-4 days to take 10-15 local portions of soil on sectors up to 10 hectares. Each sample is assigned to the specific geolocation and sent to the Yara laboratory in the UK. Chemists do the analysis, and we advise on how to improve the quality of the soil.

Research of any complexity

We recommend investigating the main soil indicators (acidity, organic matter, nitrogen, etc.) every 3-5 years. But we also examine the density of the soil and the plow sole conditions.

On the edge of science

SAS works with the internationally certified laboratory Yara (UK). Yara is equipped with modern tech and is capable of analyzing up to 10 million soil samples per year.

Correct conclusions

We not only provide results in any format that the client needs, but we also help to create application maps. With them, you can apply different fertilizers in separate areas of the field, increasing yield thereby.

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