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GPS Tracking

Total control

Observe the machinery movement 24/7, from anywhere. Even a weak GSM coverage is not a problem. All data is recorded on the telematics device and becomes available when the connection is restored.

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  • 24/7

    Access from anywhere

  • GPS and Glonass system


  • Fuel economy

    up to 23%

How it works

We install sensors on all your equipment and connect them to a GPS tracker. And you can remotely control its movement even from your smartphone. Learn everything: the speed and mileage of machinery, the place and time of stops, even the ignition switching. All vehicles are displayed on the digital map in real time.

Optimizing everything

Want to know when fuel overspending occurred? Or which employee worked more efficiently than others? GPS tracking will allow you to analyze detailed parameters for costs optimization and work planning.


Additional sensors will allow you to control even more technical data. The fuel level sensor will show the rest of the fuel in the tank. RFID system will help to track the working hours of machine operators. And the mechanisms sensors will count everything, up to the van doors opening.

No human errors

The workday is for work. With the driver ID system, you will know the square processed by the operator per day. A radio tags will display all hardware changes to the nearest minute.

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