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Differential fertilization

Scientific approach

World prices for mineral fertilizers are constantly growing. For better efficiency, they need to be applied exactly where the plants need them. Differential fertilization helps to identify the problem areas of your field and improve the yields.

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  • 30% saving

    on the cost of fertilizers

  • Spot application

    Fertilization map for any computer

  • Process control

    всего процесса внесения

How it works

Productivity differs in various parts of the same field. So first you need to localize the problem areas. After this, we set a task map with the application rates for each individual site. Then we upload this map to the onboard terminal of the sprayer or spreader. Then the fertilizing starts.

Full picture

With a different application, you see a complete picture of the state of your field, with its problematic and healthy areas. This will allow to make fertilizers as needed - somewhere more, somewhere less.

Case of technology

We will draw up a map of tasks for the onboard computer of any manufacturer, we will select the right equipment and control each stage of applying fertilizers.

Analysis of results

SAS analyzes the state of the field not only before, but also after the application of fertilizers. Agrochemical data and yield mapping will help to correct the introduction in subsequent seasons.

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