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Satellite Maps

Get thorough and informative maps of your fields directly from space. Asset accounting, work planning, GPS tracking techniques, vegetation monitoring — everything is possible thanks to satellite imagery.

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GPS Tracking

Observe the machinery movement 24/7, from anywhere. Even a weak GSM coverage is not a problem. All data is recorded on the telematics device and becomes available when the connection is restored.

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Watch your fields from a bird's-eye view. 5-6 surveys per year will help to avoid unnecessary field visits and to notice any problems at the very beginning.

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Soil Chemical Analysis

At first glance, your land may look beautiful. But some problems are hidden underground. With SAS lab services, you can detect soil problems in time and plan the fertilizer application properly.

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Land Registration

How did the land registration look like before? Each site meant one folder with a bunch of documents. When the economy expanded, the number of folders grows until it became impossible to control. We offer full digitization.

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Successful agribusiness is not just about advanced technology and expensive materials. This is a whole ideology, style, attention to thousands of small details. To build all this, you need proven professionals.

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Differential fertilization

If the soil does not have enough nutrients, the plant does not realize the natural potential. This will help differentiated introduction.

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Weather Monitoring

Weather forecasts always lie. The only solution is to make up your own. An autonomous weather station collects operational data every 15 minutes.

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