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Drones have already proven their effectiveness in agriculture and have become an indispensable tool for farmers in recent years. They are often used to scan the surface of a field in order to identify problem areas of plant development, understand their causes and localize the problem. But there are many other opportunities that drones provide to farmers.

Counting seedlings

After sowing, it is necessary to check the work done in order to plan further operations. Counting seedlings with a tape measure will not give a complete picture of the situation on the field after sowing. Another thing is when drones do this in the early stages of plant growth and development, and all information is then available in the history of each field with a counting accuracy of up to 3%.

You will receive the following information:
  • Density of seedlings in the field;
  • The number of plants in the entire area;
  • Distance between plants;
  • The number of plants in any selected area.
How does it work?

Scanning a field at low altitudes - 20-30 meters using drones

Analysis and counting of seedlings with our software

Creation of ultra-high resolution orthomosaic - 0.5 cm/px

Adding the result to the program in the field history

Field area measurement

Often, the actual cultivated area does not match with the declared one, and with the help of modern technologies it is possible to find out the exact boundaries of the land parcels. Measurement of fields by unmanned aerial vehicles with georeferencing gives the accuracy of the boundaries with an error of up to 20 centimeters. This allows not only to exclude uncultivated area in the middle and along the edges of the field array, but also to conduct a full audit of their land parcels.

How does it work?

Scanning a field with the drone at low altitudes - 20-30 meters

Ultra-high resolution orthomosaic creation - 0.5 cm/px

Analysis and counting of the number of seedlings with our software

Adding the results to the field history within the software

Generation of an orthomosaic and vegetation maps

Sometimes satellite imagery of the field is not enough to make important decisions. The drones examine crops at an altitude of 2 to 500 meters, and the quality of the survey reaches 1 cm/pixel. This makes it possible to identify plant diseases, assess the quality of seedlings and the vegetation index. Observing your fields from a bird's eye view, you can avoid unnecessary trips to the field and notice any problems on the site, having considered them in detail.

UAVs are useful at every stage of the season:

Before sowing, they help to draw up zonal and soil maps, as well as determine the geometry.

Shoot images allow you to identify problem areas, see sifting, weeds and lack of vegetation.

Before harvesting, the pictures show the leaf index, density and weediness of the field.

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