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SAS Agro Account manager
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No additional staff needed

No need to hire an employee to work with the program

Guaranteed complete and correct information in SAS by CROPIO

We provide an independent and qualified specialist

Providing reports in any convenient format

Our specialist regularly provide reports on the work performed

Service description of an account manager

  • Updates company data, lists of machinery, equipment, personnel
  • Provides prompt response to changes in vehicle status
  • Keeps a record of all technological operations
  • Fullfills crop rotation information, dates of sowing and harvesting, fills out agronomist reference books (seeds, fertilizers, plant protection products)
  • Closes carried out agricultural operations after their completion
  • Consults employees on using the program

Frequently asked questions

An important component of the effective use of the system is its content. We offer the services of an account manager who will keep in touch with employees during the execution of agri work and timely enter information into SAS powered by CROPIO. This will ensure that the data is complete and correct.

Account manager work includes:

1) Working with reference books – entering and updating the lists of machinery, equipment, personnel and other data;

2) Prompt response to a change in the status of equipment – change of tasks, change of equipment, unscheduled work, change in the status of gps and other equipment;

3) Accounting for all technological operations – the formation of agro operations, waybills / tasks, correcting changes and closure of agri operations after completion;

4) Updating crop rotation – dates of sowing and harvesting, accounting for varieties, accounting for yield, filling out agronomist’s reference books (seeds, fertilizers, plant protection products);

Yes of course. We provide training for your employees when you purchase the program. Trainings can take place online, on site or in our office.

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